Why Trust Us?


Property investment in foreign markets can be a daunting and risky endeavor. The unfamiliarity of the legal requirements and procedures as well as on the actually property itself turns many people away from what could be a very lucrative investment. If only, you have the right partner to help you overcome these barriers.

No loose ends

DTDcircle-images07Our service doesn’t end with the purchase of the property. We help to manage your property to ensure that it’s well-maintained, the rental is paid on time and it fulfills the changing local legal requirement over time.

Due diligence

round-smiling-consultantOur consultants are well-equipped to guide and advise you on the kind of investment that fits your profile. We have first-hand experience on the surrounding and neighborhood of the properties and can offer you the insight of the lifestyle surrounding your investment.

You have a guide

round-guideWe have a network of local legal advisors based in our investment hotspots that takes care of every legal requirement. Our team of consultants is very familiar with the investment area and has had first-hand experience of the surrounding. Therefore, we are more than capable to guide you through your investment and lifestyle surrounding it.

Safety of fund

round-fund-safetyRest assured that all your investment is kept safe in an escrow account to prevent any abuse of fund.